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A “why didn’t I think of that” moment will occur when you first take this piece of equipment out of its packaging, it’s one of the simplest golf training aids you will ever see!

This tool will not help you read a green and it won’t help you figure how hard to strike the ball but with practice it will help you understand how you line up your ball on the putter face and start the putt on the right line.


The aid is simply an orange plastic arrow that clips on to the shaft of your putter, you line this up straight with the putter head and you’re set to go. It doesn’t do any more than that, but that’s all it needs to. Spend a little time on the putting greens with this and you will train your eye to line up the ball better and eliminate one of the many factors of putting that the amateur gets wrong, the alignment of your putter with the ball.


There is no point spending time learning how to read greens or practice the distance of your putts if you are not starting the ball on the right path but with practice and the use of the Train your Aim putting aid you will eliminate one the many factors you have to get right in order to putt well.

People sometimes look at gadgets that are inexpensive and pass them off as novelty items but the simplicity of this is its key, for a training aid that costs less than sleeve of Pro V 1’s its definitely worth purchasing, it can really add value to your game.

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