Can the feather weight mix it with the heavy weights?


The new Wilson D200 is light, as in really light, especially for a club with plenty of tech and adjustability.

Wilson have always been known for their Irons and over recent years have really taken up the mantle that lighter is better or in their marketing speak “the Right Light”. A lighter club allows faster swing speeds which in turns results in higher ball speeds and more length off the tee. The predecessor – the D100- started to show the world that Wilson could be a serious player in the woods market, Wilson have taken the best parts of the range and taken it a step further.

The most obvious upgrade in the D200 is the adjustability and the ability to set launch angels and shape to your shots. Usually when you add this technology to the club head it increases the weight, but the D200 is actually 1 gram lighter than its older brother due to weight being shaved in the shaft and in its grip.

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It can run from 9 degrees through to 11.5 in six setting and within each of those increments it can bet set to produce a draw, this amount of selection will allow every golfer to find the right set up for their game.

So what’s it like out on the course? Well it’s not going to have people staring at your bag in ore. You feel that Wilson would like the performance of the club to do the talking. Its matt black head doesn’t shout out “look what I can do” like the Vapor range, but the large footprint does make it look like it can do the job.

We had the driver out on the range for a few hits before putting it in the bag on the course and one thing that we found was that it was a little bit light on distance compared to some of the new drivers that have also been introduced this season. Now this is only a matter of a few yards so do not be put off thinking you will be 25 yards behind the rest of your group on every fairway.


However out on the course it’s not all about distance and this is where the D200 comes into its own, it came out of the bag on 9 of the fairways and it nailed every one. Fairway split. I would like to say that was down to the golfer but even on the off centre strikes the clubs low spin rate provided a nice stable flight and the lack of weight enabled the clubs swing speed to stay high.

Wilson is putting confidence in your hands with this driver, a good shot sounds solid, not metallic, and it’s louder than other new woods that have come in during 2015. If you do not catch it smack in the centre (as all of will) the feedback in the sounds lets you know where on the face you were which allows you to think about what to correct. The majority of the shots sound hot off the face as if the club is really coming through the ball.

Wilson Staff D200 Driver Pete Pappas PGAPappas

The problem that Wilson have is they do not have the marketing budgets to rival the likes of Nike and Taylormade so sometimes their clubs get pushed to the back of the queue. The D200 does everything it needs to well, in fact it does it really well. It’s light weight tech, adjustability and forgiving face will suit most player’s needs, if the club shops get the price point right and give it the rack space it deserves then the D200 will show up on a lot of courses this year.

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