REVIEW: Vokey SM6 Wedges

wedge-selection-imageSo Vokey are at it again, a new line for 2016 that has created a lot of buzz around there new wedge range, but is it deserved for the Vokey SM6 wedge?

All the fuss comes down to the fact that this is the first time (in a long time) that there has been a major design shift in their models rather than an update on its predecessor. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so the old adage goes, so why stray away from what they have done so well for so many years?

The new changes are aimed to offer golfers (of all handicaps) more consistency in their distance control through improved ball flight.


On the 54 and 56 degree options there isn’t much difference, the changes in design come to the lofts outside of that, which range in options from 46° to 62°.

With the wedges with a loft lower than 54° the weight has been shifted from the top end of the club, down towards the sole.  This creates a slightly thinner top line, with a bit of a bulkier bottom half of the back of the club.  The reverse is true for lofts higher than 56°, where the weight is removed from the bottom half on the back of the wedge, and moved towards the top portion, giving it a bulkier top line.

tx4-groove-imageThe new Vokey’s come in three different finishes: the Tour Chrome, the new Steel Grey finish, and Jet Black.  The Steel Grey finish appears to be a darker version of last year’s Gold Nickel, while the jet black is the same as last year’s Raw Black.  Keep in mind, that the Tour Chrome and Steel Grey are a plating, where the Raw Black is a finish applied to the metal, which will result in discoloration, and potentially rust, over time.


Although this is the biggest design change from Vokey in years the traditional “click” sound still resonates from the face, in coordination with the usual soft feel.  As with previous Vokey models, the feel across the face is extremely soft, yet very responsive with audible difference in sound when off centre hits occur.


In the Vokey SM6 line, they have introduced the new Progressive Centre of Gravity technology to help control trajectory, and make distances more consistent. The science tells us that in order to achieve this more weight needs to be added to the bottom half of the club in higher lofts, and weight needs removing from the bottom half of club in the lower lofts.

Grooves-tx4-blackFor the lower lofted wedges, the movement of the weight towards the sole lowers the centre of gravity, this puts more mass behind the ball at impact, this in turn produces higher ball speed. We found that this gave us more feedback and feel through the club.  With the increase in ball speeds, the carry is a more consistent and even gap between your highest lofted iron and your sand wedge.

For the higher lofted wedges weight from the sole of the wedge is moved to the top portion of the club in order to raise the centre of gravity.  Moving the centre of gravity higher, aligns it more consistently with the usual impact position of the ball, creating a more consistent trajectory and more predictability with distance control.


The new Titleist Vokey SM6 wedge is nothing short of what you would expect from Vokey Wedges.  The latest update brings about the first design change for Vokey in years, and offer golfers a solid performing wedge with great feel and a variety of options to accommodate any player’s needs.


The Vokey SM6 also offers five different grind options to suit any golfer’s swing. The grind available off the rack are the F Grind (traditional – full shots), M Grind (Versatility around the greens), S Grind (both Full shots and around the greens), K grind (bunker play and greenside versatility), and The L grind (firmer playing conditions).  You’d be hard pressed to not find a Vokey SM6 that fits your needs.

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