VITIUM (Latin), VICE (Engl): In every golfer’s life there are many vices.

We have all done it, we have all been hacking around at the rough looking for our wayward tee shot when we are given a little present from the golf ball gods, we see a little lost Pro V1 staring up at us! We have a quick look around to make sure it’s not in play, pocket it and walk straight over to our pals and say something in the vein of “Result, I’ve just picked up a Pro V!”.


Now if we are honest most us of don’t really know the difference between a low cost 2 piece polly urethane coated 365 dimpled ball  and a high spec ball 3 piece dual core soft bounce low spin Tour ball, all we know is the Pro’s use them, they are on the telly a lot and they are expensive! Titleist have done one on us, we have all bought in to the dream, we believe the hype and we’ll pay the money for them. We’re not saying the Pro V1 is a bad ball, it’s far from it, it’s a fantastic ball but there are other brands available that can compete with them on the course and beat them on price…

Vice golf entered in to the golf market in 2012, they are a German manufacturer but as of 2014 have brought their product to the UK and US markets. The aim is to enrich the golf ball market through young designs, highest quality products and a completely new marketing concept in the premium quality segment. VICE GOLF offers four technically challenging, playable PGA Tour golf balls, which were developed by independent, international testing institutes and classified par with market leaders.


So in order to “enrich the market” what do you have to do? Well you have to compete in three different areas: Marketing, technology and price.

Marketing, these guys are good. They obviously don’t have the advertising budget of Nike, Titleist and Taylormade but what they have done is carved themselves a place within the minds of a younger golf generation. The packaging and sales message that they present is fresh and vibrant, everything from the logo on the ball to the packages they are wrapped in screams cool, sheek and classy. Not only have the given the brand a completely different feel to anything else that’s on the market through the striking imagery used in their marketing campaigns, they also allow you to individualise your balls straight from the production line with personal messages, images and company logos.

The tech: Vice have introduced a range of 4 balls, The Tour, The Pro, The Drive and an all-encompassing women’s ball.


Model: Pro and Pro Neon


The ball for professional players – and those who want to get there. The 3 piece setup with a Cast Urethane cover is optimized for tremendous distance and provides a gentle and responsive feel due to a 318 large dimple design. This makes for excellent green grabbing control due to great spin rates and a highly decelerating Urethane cover.

The clear disadvantage of traditional Cast Urethane golf balls lies in the quick yellowing of the ball’s surface, a chemical reaction triggered by the component benzene (found in most balls’ shells) reacting with UV light. This process has been slowed down significantly in Vice golf balls by using specifically designed formula on the balls’ final layer of coating. This unique feature keeps your golf balls white and guarantees that “fresh out the box” look for an extended amount of rounds.

An extra-long putting line has been printed on both models of the Pro ball, enhancing the precision while putting.


Model: The Tour


The ball for the advanced golfer – with high ambitions. The Tour ball is also based on a 3-Piece design but is boasting an ultra-thin H.E.R.O (High energy absorption overlay)  DuPontTM Surlyn® cover that, along with the 392 aerodynamic dimple design, makes this ball extremely durable. The high number of dimples used on the Tour ball enhances its flight characteristics and in-air stability, reducing the lateral dispersion to a minimum. The Tour ball offers excellent greenside control and an amazingly gentle feel.


Model: The Drive


The ball for the all-rounder – creating maximum distance off the tee. The Drive ball is based on a 2-Piece construction with a DuPontTM Surlyn® cover. The ball is equipped with a 368 symmetrical dimple design, making it extremely tough and cut resistant. The Drive ball aims to get the players more length at a lower to medium club head speed while providing a longroll and softer feel.


So can you have a great looking ball coupled with the science and technology to really add to you game at a fraction of the price of the market leaders? Yes.

This innovative golf ball brand succeeds by avoiding the middleman and selling directly via the manufacturer’s website. In addition, the customer receives further price advantages through larger packaging units as well as the saving of unnecessary packaging. For spontaneous buyers, there are also smaller trial units available.

The UK-wide supply of golf balls is made directly to the front door. The prices are compelling: VICE GOLF balls are more than half the price cheaper than comparable products from other manufacturers. Thus, the price is on the level of a lake ball / used ball but reaching the quality levels of premium golf ball competitors


Vice are still new into the market so all though the brands message is spreading they still are not a ball regularly seen on the Tour. However VICE currently collaborates with the distinguished, first division team of the renowned golf clubs, it has European championship amateurs, new PRO Tour players and promising upcoming and charismatic players in its player portfolio. Their aim is to have a dialogue with young players at an early stage and let them participate actively in shaping the brand.


So maybe in a few years when you’re back in the rough stuff trying to find your drive, you may look down, see a bright white branded ball and say “Result, I’ve just picked up a Vice!”

Have you fallen victim to the rampant vice that is the game of golf? To you, it‘s more than just a game. Has it become your passion? Are you addicted to those little white balls? Don‘t be ashamed of your vice. Let it run wild instead. EMBRACE YOUR VICE!

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  1. Carsten

    VICE balls are just great and awesome value for money.

    They also come up with a couple of limited edition balls from time to time.

    Happy to own a full set of their “World Cup 2014” edition with comic-style prints of the German national team on the balls (surely I’ll never play them!)

    However: they are currently sued by Titleist….looks like someone felt the true competition here!


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