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The fairway wood market has exploded over the last couple years.  There is a club, a shape and a distance that each range is designed to offer.  Tour Edge Exotics 3-woods have been some of the best in all categories over the years.  This year their E8 line offers 3 different options.  Standard, Beta and Tour.  The Tour fits a great niche market for those who want a compact look with amazing distance.  Many other manufacturer 3-woods brag about distance, but in essence are more like a mini-driver, the Tour Edge Exotics E8 Tour 3-wood is closer to a hybrid, yet still gets the ball way out there.

Tour Edge’s talking point on this club is the new laser micro-bonding process which allows them to have tighter tolerances and therefore a quality product.  It allows them to make a cup face for a small bodied 3-wood.  This process makes for one really hot, yet compact 3-wood.


The Tour Edge Exotic E8 Tour certainly has a hot face, but the compact body also creates lower spin and great solid sound.  The sole weighting is moved lower and closer to the face because the head is so compact the CG creates low spin numbers as well as a lower launch angle.  While sometimes small 3-wood heads don’t have the same “pop” feel of larger heads, this one still has a really lively feel as the ball comes off the face.

The head is paired with an excellent stock shaft, the Diamana +B. It’s the newest version of the tried and true Diamana Blue shaft, a smooth mid-launching shaft that is very stable.  They also offer the other versions of the Diamana + series if you want to alter the various launch parameters.  The one we had to test came with the new MCC +4 grips, which is a grip with extra wraps under the right hand built into it.

FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor

    • Spin: 3229 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 13.2*
    • Dispersion: 8.1 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 99.1 mph
    • Ball Speed: 146.7 mph
    • Total Distance:  249.1 yds
    • Carry Distance:  238.7 yds


So lots of paper talk, but what about on the course?  The first hole I pulled this club out was at the Tour Edge Media event in Florida.  It happened to be on the long drive hole with Maurice Allen (one of the world’s longest drivers) and he said, “It isn’t the easiest club to hit for amateurs.”  So guess what I proceeded to do?  Yep, topped it right into the lake.  Not the way you want to hit a brand new club. I didn’t give up, I went back to it a couple holes later and this time ripped it big-time down the middle of the fairway.  I also had a couple more chances with it that day and reached a couple of the par 5s in two with it.  Later on in the day the shots came with great control, and really long distance.  What also is important to me is simply how it looks behind the ball, its compact head really works.   The E8 is adjustable but I stuck with the stock setting keeping it square and at 14* It does have a wide range of adjustments depending on your needs so there is plenty of scope to really tune this in to an individual’s needs.


I played the Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Limited Edition 3-wood for much of 2014 so I know the range pretty well.  The E8 Tour is a very different club, but is looking to earn a spot in the bag and so far in 2015 its doing a great job.  If you don’t think you have the game for this smaller head, lower launching and lower spinning 3-wood, their other versions would be great choices.  But for the better 3-wood player, this is an excellent choice that fills a niche in the 3-wood market.

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