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Titleist’s Best Driver Yet by @igolfreviews


Titleist do not rush their drivers to the market, they have a calculated plan to introduce a better driver on their time frame the way they want to do it.  That time frame is around every 2 years, they study result from the previous model, systematically looking at each component to find where the improvements can be made.  Starting back with the 910 drivers, they added one of the best adjustable hosel systems on the market, they then made some minor tweaks for the 913 series, and they have now made some big change for the 915 series.  ActiveRecoil Technology.

The ActiveRecoil Channel is a form of slot technology similar to what we’ve seen from other companies.  It creates more forgiveness for the face, which translates into better drives.  This really is Titleist’s best driver yet.


The Channel is the real buzz point of the new 915.  It isn’t going to suddenly turn the face into some crazy trampoline and rocket drives 400 yards down the fairway, but it does create more consistency and a bigger sweet-spot, especially on low face hits.

A proper fitting was conducted for this driver, and it found that the 8.5 head is still ideal from a spin standpoint, I can still achieve plenty of lift of the tee so there was no need to go for a loftier angel on the face.


We started with the X-flex Aldila Rogue for a demo round and learned that it was too much, everything went right, so to not to compromise the swing we went with the S-flex Aldila Rogue and it turned out to be a great fit.  The Rogue has been getting lots of tour buzz with all of the recent wins and rightly so, it’s a great feeling shaft, with tight dispersion and excellent low spin rates.

The hosel settings are adjustable on the new model but we went with standard which was same settings that were used for the previous model, the 913 D3 (A-1).  It looked good at address in this setting and the ball strike was the straightest.

We took the 915 out on the trip to Hawaii.  Even though things were a little rusty from lack of play this driver worked great right out of the gates. Hole 1 found the center of the fairway as did 10 more out of the 14 holes the 915 was used on.  It felt like an easy to control and consistent driver.  It isn’t a forgiveness machine by any means, but if you have a halfway decent driving game, you will like the new Titleist.


Another big improvement is the spin. The wide sole channel delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin. It has significantly dropped from previous models, I couldn’t get the 913 D3 to spin low enough for an ideal fit, but with the Titleist 915 D3 I ended up with some excellent low spin numbers yet more accuracy with the ActiveRecoil Channel and higher MOI with the rear head weight.

Titleist really have produced a great new driver and the constant improvements to their range really does warrant the tag line. Distance without compromise.

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