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The next step in the adjustable trend.

The R15 from Taylormade was a good driver, consistent, long and suitable for a multitude of handicaps thanks to it its adjustable track system. The Taylormade M1 isn’t a revolution, it’s an evolution of a tried and tested system on a very good driver, it takes the R15’s previous Front track tech and goes another step further with the addition of its “Back Track” creating the new T-Track system, allowing every player to really find the sweet spot in their driving game.

The Front Track uses a 15 gram sliding weight, this provides each player the ability to tune in to a number of draw, fade and neutral settings, while the Back Track welcomes a 10 gram sliding weight, this adjusts high, middle and low launch and spin settings, giving up to 300 RPM of backspin and 0.8 degree in launch angle adjustment.

Another key point to the new Taylormade M1 is the composition of the material used across the entire club. The crown of the club is formed of a carbon composite which decreases the head wait, this gave the design team the opportunity to move the CG lower which optimises launch angle and sees the ball become hotter of the face creating more distance on each drive.

taylormade-m1-driver-loft-sleeve (1)

The titanium face creates an awesome sound on impact, it’s one of the nicest sounding drivers on the market. The sound is notably different (less tinny) from other drivers that Taylormade have produced in recent years. The sound even plays compliment to off centre hits so you’ll always stand with confidence on the tee knowing you’ll catch the ear of your playing partners no matter where the ball ends up.

It look good at address, the 50/50 look of the black carbon and white finish work well together drawing your eye to the front of the club to help line up the ball in your stance.


There are 270 possible variations across both track systems, with the addition of 12 further setting on the hosel, lofts from 8-12 degrees and the 3 stock shafts there are over 12,000 set ups. There is no point just grabbing this off the shelf, this all needs to be worked on with a pro, but once dialled in this can really add length and consistency to your game. Over the course of our test we averaged 6 yards further and 3 MPH faster in ball speed.

The Taylormade M1 really does live up to all the hype. Dial it in and you have more yards, sweets sound and good looks from the T.

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