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There is a huge amount of data that is now available to the average golfer, but whether it’s when you step in to a golf simulator with your teaching pro,the portable radar systems that can be taken to the driving range or from the smart phone in your pocket, an outright purchase of one of these systems or the constant use of a simulator can become very expensive.

The SwingTalk system is available for £150.00, so it’s affordable for most people but does that mean the data that the product provides is substandard? No, definitely not.

SwingTalk is a portable golf swing analyser that simply attaches to the top of any

club and provides feedback through Bluetooth to your smartphone on your swing paths, speed and angles. The main selling point- as the name suggests is the voice system, after every swing it provides you real time feedback on certain components of the action that were undertaken moments before – the speed and ratio of your swing are voiced back to you through your smart phone speaker or headset allowing you to understand the good points and bad points after each shot.

swing talk 1

To enable you to understand the information that is being relayed to you the application provides you with targets that you should be achieving. The device provides you with your target ratios and speeds for each club that the sensor is attached too. From a very simple stand point this is great tool for any golfer, especially players new to the game that do not realise it’s not all about how hard you can hit the ball but how you apply the necessary forces within your swing to project the ball down the fairway.

On top of the voice system the application provides you with a whole host of data that will allow you to understand the actions and paths of your swing and how those components effect the flight of your ball.

When performing the Swing test the device captures key points in your swingswing talk 4

  • The angles of your starting position at address
  • The distance the grip of the club travels from the body centre
  • The angle and alignment at the top of your back swing
  • The angle of attack in the down swing
  • The position of the club face at impact.

Instead of just providing you with this information and just baffling the user with statistics the app breaks down the movements through easy to understand graphics and provides you with a 3D model of your swing.

Along with this feedback it helps you to understand the effect this has on ball flight through bitesize pieces of information that compare your result with that of the ideal swing path. As with any training aid unless the information that is portrayed by the system is understood by the user it is ultimately useless, this is where SwingTalk rises above its other competitors in the market. Even an early adopter of the game can pick up the product and simply compare the data they have compiled (3D swing paths and club face positions) to a perceived correct swing and adjust their actions to start to correct simple faults.

swingtalk 6

The information that the system provides is extremely accurate considering the cost of the device, most swing speeds and angles were within 0.5-0.9 mph/degrees of our much more expensive launch monitor system.

Not only does the system look at a full swing path in detail but the
device can also help you to understand flaws in your putting. By using
the same principle as on a full swing with a driver feedback will provide
with the face angle of the putter at impact, trace the movement and
length in the path and provide you with your tempo. This once again can
help fix simple issues with putting such as gripping the putter correctly
and the pace of your swings.

The system doesn’t however take into account the shape and size of
the individual or any attributes i.e. injuries that the player may have to
compensate for. This device works best if paired with the knowledge of
your golf Pro. The system allows you to capture your data and provide
a teaching professional a knowledge base to work with, and because
of its ease of use the teacher can set targets at each lesson allowing
the student to go away and put those steps into practice with real time
feedback coming from the device.

swing talk 5
The SwingTalk system is a brilliant product that allows everyone to work
on their game and understand the changes that they are making. Simple
fixes can be applied to your golf providing the data is understood by
the user and with the help of experienced golfers and professionals this
equipment can really take your game to another level.

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