A Legitimate ProV1 Competitor


AR-150229669Everyone making golf balls is chasing the Titleist ProV1. It out-sells and out and wins over every other golf ball made., Year on year big and little companies alike try to cut into its dominance, but most often with little success. If huge companies with giant R&D budgets can’t do it, what chance does a little company have? Well most have very little, but if that little company was started by the original designer of the ProV1, the story changes.

Dean Snell created some of the most popular golf balls of our time: the ProV1, TP Red LDP, TP Black LDP, Penta TP, Penta TP5, Lethal, Tour Preferred & Tour Preferred X. That is a pretty significant list. His new Snell golf balls, the My Tour Ball (and Get Sum) are a worthy competitor in a tough market.


A common refrain among golfers is that they are looking for a lower priced alternative to the ProV1. The Snell My Tour Ball is as good as it gets in this category. If you take a ProV1 and make it a little softer, keep all the performance characteristics and sell it £15+ cheaper, that is in a nutshell the Snell My Tour Ball.

I had it on the course throughout this Autumn I and was really happy with its playing qualities from tee to green. It is plenty long off the tee with a great feel. Once it’s in the fairway it comes off the irons with a solid mid-high trajectory and with pretty good spin. I felt like it was maybe just a touch (like a yard or two)shorter than other balls I’ve played, I’d go up a club for better results most often. Off wedges, these things spin really well, I was certainly impressed with its stopping power. The soft feel was also noticeable off the putter face. At £22.00 (plus shipping) a dozen, you will really like having these in play.


The Snell Get Sum golf ball is that lower tier ball which every company makes; a 2-piece ball with a Surlyn cover. Snell gave it good feel and squeezed out as much performance as possible from this type of ball,  I had really good success with it too. I got really similar results off the driver, but it was longer off the irons because it had less spin, which also was true off the wedges which limit their stopping power. The feel off the putter was only a tiny bit firmer. But again the price is a big factor in deciding which ball you want to play. At £14.00 (plus shipping) a dozen, you won’t find anything close to this kind of performance at this price point.

Besides hitting them on the course, I hit them on my FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor with really positive results. I was really happy with the numbers I was getting with both Snell Golf Balls. Obviously my preference was the My Tour Ball, but really not much to complain about the Get Sum balls either.


While the Snell Golf balls don’t have the best names or super fancy packaging, they offer legit performance at a great price point. The creator of these golf balls isn’t just having some factory make him ball, he really knows what he is doing when he created his excellent line of golf balls. It won’t out-sell or out-win against Titleist, but it does answer the age old question. A lower priced alternative to the ProV1, it is a legit competitor.

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