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SkyCaddie_Watch_SW2_400x548SkyGolf, has introduced its latest version of its rangefinder watches, the Skycaddie SW2 Watch. The predecessor of the SW now features a much slimmer design, has 35,000 preloaded courses, and offers Bluetooth technology for easy data syncing.

Some GPS watches are chunky and devoid of all style, not the Skycaddie SW2, its slick black design looks good both on the course and in the bar afterwards, it has a sporty look which works well with most casual outfits, and with its 15 hour battery life you can head straight from the course and out into town.

Skycaddie are the only rangefinder brand to walk every course (courtesy of @skycaddiesteve) with professional survey-grade equipment, this means the yardages on its 35,000 course database are always the most accurate course maps in the game.

The Skycaddie SW2 has kept things simple, it has five buttons, one of them is the “enter” key, and the others are up and down buttons to scroll through the various menus, one to go back and the other to illuminate the face.

It will automatically figure out where you are in the world so upon receiving the watch you shouldn’t have to do anything but charge the device and switch it on, the GPS signal will work out where you are and set the time and date accordingly. When you arrive at your destination of play you simple hit the menu button, select “golf” and let the GPS pick up your location and provide you with a list of courses that are local to you, select your club and track and away you go.


We sometimes find that GPS watches can be a little bit temperamental with the yardages depending on signal so the SW2 shows you the signal strength on its face to ensure you know how accurate the distance you’re seeing is, obviously the stronger the signal the better quality reading you’ll receive. This does also help if you are playing with buggies, a lot of systems cannot keep up with the GPS location of golfers when they are zooming around on the courses, so take a second to let the signal catch up, watch the bars increase then take your reading.

On the test we pitched this up against a leading laser rangefinder and the results were brilliant, never more than a yard out from our lased range. The quick and no fuss layout of the face also means you haven’t got to faff around to find out what’s in front of you, clear and concise distances are displayed to the middle, front and back of the green.

The Skycaddie SW2 also gives you the ability to keep an eye on your playing time, a quick press of a button reveals how long your round has taken just in case you are put on the clock in your medal or you’re struggling to make it home in time for Sunday lunch!

Who is the longest off the tee? There’s always talk of this on society days and that question can also be put to bed with the yard counter, press a button on the tee and then again at your ball on the fairway (or the rough) and you’ll get the distance of your Rory’esq drive. No more arguments!


Although the SW2 is designed to be fun and simple to use it can be much more than a watch, you can really delve down into your statistics with SkyGolf 360, this lets you track as many or as few stats as you want. All of your scorecard data on SW2 is wirelessly uploaded to your My 360 personal performance locker within the SkyGolf 360™ Cloud. Once you have uploaded your rounds you can review your performance from any mobile or desktop device, perfect for your post round analysis in the clubhouse.  This brings a further social element to our game, players can share scores, stats and chat with friends on the online news feed too.

The SW2 is more than just a watch for your game, in addition to its golf functions its fitness features include, speed, pace and calories burned during walks, runs or bike rides.

The last great thing about the SW2 is that it’s a one off payment, there is no annual subscription fees to keep the data in check. All you have to do is sync the device and as long as @skycaddiesteve and his team are walking the globe you’ll get the most up to date information out there!

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