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A Little Bit of Everything in this Shoe by @igolfreviews


Golf shoes have certainly evolved over the last few years yet it seems like there are always trade-offs from one shoe to another.  They are either supportive, but not flexible, spikeless but without traction, stylish but too bold, low to the ground, but too low.  The list goes on and on with the give and take when it comes to putting the right gear on your feet.  While I know everyone has their preferences and brands they are loyal to, the Puma BioDrive shoe has a little bit of everything that will appeal to just about every golfers needs.

Puma are often polarising with their style, and even in the BioDrive shoes there are bright colour choices but you can get a toned down look with the basic colour scheme too.  The shoe style itself sports an athletic look which certainly makes it a more comfortable platform to build up from.  I wore the blue, black and yellow shoes on my trip to Hawaii and around town during the winter months.  They are bright, but look stylish when matched with the right clothes.


Starting from the ground up, these “spikeless” shoes have one of the more aggressive tread patterns on the sole.  They actually are formed similar to a “spiked” shoe pattern but are flat enough to be worn off the course.  Their flexible design makes them really comfortable for walking on grass or on hard surfaces.  The real joy of the sole is how much better they grip than other “spikeless” shoes.  While I haven’t had too many slippage issues with other brands, these were more even more stable and grippy than others on the market.

The midsole offers great cushion, much like the Puma Faas lite shoes: lightweight yet plenty of comfort.  As you move into the uppers, the waterproof mesh is thick enough to feel like a real shoe, but flexible enough and breathable enough to really offer great wearabllity.  I didn’t try them in pouring rain to see how they kept out water, but between the Hawaiian dew and the winter snow, I can say that my feet stayed dry.


Heel comfort is a big deal for me with any new shoes.  I really don’t like having to break shoes in and these felt easy straight away.  The athletic style provides ample foam around the Achilles tendon area. They went from the box to my feet to the course with no blister or rubbing or foot strain of any sorts.  The BioDrive Shoes are supportive enough to not tax your feet, but flexible enough to offer good feel of the terrain.  I even used them for hiking the mountains and they were excellent in that arena too.

Shoes are always a little tricky when it comes to sizing, even though they all use a number system that often means something different.  The BioDrives’s fit the same for me as a Nike or Adidas shoe, however these are just slightly wider than some previous Puma shoes, I actually appreciate that little extra width in the fore foot.



While I’m not going to call them the perfect shoe, the Puma BioDrive certainly has a long list of great features that many golfers are looking for.  Comfort, style, support, traction and resistant to water. You can get them in bold colours or more muted tones depending on your flare. They did a great job of including a little bit of everything in this shoe.

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