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Mscore MPU

Mscorecard has been in existence for over 6 years, its latest iteration has over 43,000 courses mapped throughout the world and has on average over 400 per quarter added to the server meaning it should have pretty much every course you should ever wish play.

The interface is fairly simple once you have set up your user profile. You can track all of the stats you require to score your round with the quick hole input, that includes numbers of strokes, putts, direction of drives and penalties, sand saves and up & downs. Simply place the figure in each of the boxes and the scorecard moves you on to the next entry, until that holes is complete. You can do this for up to five players per round.

The main display shows all of the things the average golfer needs including the stableford scores and any other side games you have selected at the start of your round. You can flick the scorecard over to a GPS view of the hole, from the tee box it will give you the distance to the pin and it also automatically shows the distances to any of the hazards on the hole. You can also pick any point on that hole to get a distance to and from the green. Flick the phone sideways and you get your traditional scorecard displayed.


The app will automatically work out each players GIR and FIR and at the end of each round will display the complete stats for that round in a nice and easy to read summary for all 5 players.

Mscorecard is a free to use system and that’s what makes its yardages even more impressive. Against our GPS watch and the course markings the app was never more than +/- 3 yards. The ariel views of the course that are provided are up to date if you do feel a little unsure about the distance you can zoom in to a high level to ensure you know where you are playing your shot too.

The Mscorecard system is also available to view on your desktop or laptop computer. On this particular part of the software you can view all of your historical data. Through a variety of fields you can track your game on a particular course or over a period of time, this information is perfect for a user to see where he/she is improving, even down to a particular hole or with a particular club selection.

Although you can spend plenty of time using the functions on the app to measure shots, distances or input data this doesn’t affect the battery life, between each use of the GPS system the phone goes back into hibernation mode until it is next called upon.


Aesthetically Mscorecard lacks against its competitors, the visuals are a little dated but the information and learnings that you can draw from the software is extremely in depth, the developers have clearly focussed on providing the user with a game improvement tool rather than a fancy looking GPS system.


  • No. of courses worldwide 5/5
  • Price 5/5
  • Ease of use 4/5
  • Aesthetics 3/5
  • Yardages and distances 4/5
  • Battery consumption 3/5

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