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smaller_MAX-GOLF-PROTEIN_BOTTLE_NEWThere are sports drinks and nutritional supplements for just about every kind of sport, some directly attach themselves to a category i.e. building muscle mass and others like sports drinks such as Lucozade market themselves to a high intensity sports audience.

Golf has never really been viewed as an energy sapping activity to anyone outside of the activity so it’s the one sport that seems to have been untouched by the focus of the health drinks, until now that is.Recently a product, a drink called Max Golf Protein was brought to market and they kindly sent us a batch and asked us to put it to the test, but what is it supposed to do?

Max golf protein isn’t designed to help you pack on mass muscle whilst you play 18 holes, nor is it there to strip fat off your body whilst you pull your golf trolley around your local track.

Max Golf protein contains a slow release protein and just the right amount of carbs to keep you going around 18 holes. It’s designed to keep you feeling fuller on the course and has a high protein content (25g of milk protein) to help those muscles keep working through entirety of your round. It is to be used a convenient way for you to keep up your intake of energy whilst steering clear of those sugary snacks that our British golf clubs love to stock. Each 330ml Vanilla flavour bottle of Max Golf Protein contains 25g protein, 165 kcal, and is low in fat. Compare that to your “go to” chocolate bar with around 10.5g of fat and 22g of sugar and it already has a tick in the “plus” column.

But does it actually work?

To put it to the test we played the same course six times at the same time in the day and followed the same pre round routines i.e. meals, warm up etc. in order to make the taste a stable as possible without entering a science lab. On two of the rounds we took out Max Golf Protein, the other two we placed a club house chocolate bar in the bag as our snack and on the last two we didn’t take out anything other than water.

The results…. before you read any further I’d like to state that this drink is not going to swipe 10 strokes off your round just by putting it in your bag but we can say we did feel a marked improvement in our physical and mental state throughout a round when remaining fuelled with the right stuff.

There is no substitute for water, we all need it but without the added protein or sugar delivered by mid round snack we felt we wavered in the ability to exert the most from our swings by the tail end of our rounds. With the club house favourite we definitely found a boost of energy after its consumption, however this was followed by a low a 4-5 holes later, once the rush of sugar had left our systems.


When we had Max Golf Protein in the bag we all felt that by the time we arrived at the latter stages in our rounds we had a little extra in our tanks. Not wanting to rush to club house for food allowed us to concentrate more on our games and feeling fuelled it allowed us to exert a little more energy in our swings, which was especially needed on the long uphill par 5, which is the 18th hole.

We are not scientists so we cannot back up our claim with charts and data but we definitely would recommend you try it out. Max Golf Protein offers players a healthy and convenient alternative to energy drinks and snacks, which can provide a short burst of energy, but tend to result in tiredness when the sugar rush comes to its end. Oh and it really does tastes good!


In a game where the smallest things make the biggest differences why wouldn’t you want to give yourself an edge?

Don’t just take our word for it, European Tour coach Rob Watts said: “When dealing with professionals’ daily needs, Max Golf Protein delivers all the requirements for ultimate performance at the top level of the sport.”

The drink is also finding its way in to the bags of some of the European Tours most well-known players.  Multiple tour winner Simon Dyson can regularly be sipping the drink and Lee Slatery has folded it in to part of his diet saying “I use Max Golf Protein as part of my daily routine. It gives me everything I need to get me through an intense practice session, and more importantly the four demanding days of a European Tour Event”


Max Golf Protein is now stocked in golf clubs across the country, you can either grab your bottle at the fridge in the pro shop or jump on to their website

Give yourself the edge, give it a try.

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