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Considered to be one of the finest golf clubs in Warwickshire, your time with us is enhanced by a club house atmosphere to match.  For members it is not just a magnificent golf course but a vibrant golf club with social and golf activities every week. Traditional but not timeworn.

With its tree-lined, conditioned fairways and bunkers throughout the golf course, it’s the perfect scenic setting for any golfer to enjoy their golf. Our course is always a good challenge whilst you enjoy the beautiful views and golfing conditions.


There are a number of phrases that come to mind when you arrive at Leamington & County Golf Club, one of them is “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

We followed the Sat Nav into the course and it wasn’t what we’d expected, Leamington is set of the back of a large residential estate, and as you wind through the roads deeper into suburbia it’s difficult to believe that there is a 108 year old parkland course awaiting for you at the end, but there is, and it’s beautiful.

The course buildings (from a distance and the outside) are not much to look at from where you enter but when arriving inside the club house Leamington & County reveals its true beauty. Standing in the main bar you are astounded by the views that you witness, they couldn’t be further from the residential area on the other side of the wall. The outside dining and drinks area look out across rolling countryside, players on the 1st and 18th give you a glimpse of the strategy you’ll need to play in order to conquer the course.

The club can cater well for any occasion, whether it’s a society day out, a wedding or a simple gathering of friends, Leamington’s, expansive clubhouse, good food, large selection of drinks and welcoming staff are of the highest standard, in fact better than many of the more expensive clubs in the area.

The club is focusing hard on bringing new people to the game and getting new players out on the course, it has a wide range of coaching services, membership options, club competitions for all ability levels are in abundance and the with the addition of its indoor golf centre members can really make the most of their club all year round.


The first hole is a nice way to start, although the tee box is right in front of the clubhouse its elevated position allows you to feel confident at impact as you strike the ball down the undulating par five. Once you are over the crest of the first fairway it really is difficult to believe that you have driven through the houses to get here, the countryside just opens up in front of you. It’s only the second shot and you’ll need your thinking cap on already, if you’re safely on the fairway and over the crest you have full view of the green, it’s now decision time, with the ditch across the full width of the fairway, some 63 yards from the green, you must decide whether to lay-up or, if long enough, what club is needed to reach the green.

Every hole at Leamington offers you a test, some are based on driving distance and some are based on positioning, you can score well on this course but only if you make the right decisions and play the right shots. That may sound like an obvious statement but there are many courses where if you wave the big stick at every hole you can get away with it, not at Leamington, the driver can be more trouble than its worth if you try to overpower everything with distance off the tee.


The Hardest hole on the course is the 446yd par 4 6th. Driving uphill you must first avoid the fairway bunker, if successful you will have another tricky decision to make, take on the tough second shot to the large plateau green or layup and trust your short game to get the ball up there and stick. Either side of the fairway you’ll find dense thickets of Hawthorn and the uneven nature of the fairway shy of the green can easily kick your ball into trouble.

Our favourite was the 11th, the signature hole, a short par 3 at 129 yards off the white tees. Although marked as S.I 18 the towering pine trees that encase the entire hole coupled with the small but receptive green protected by its large bunker can make for an intimidating shot if you’re not the best short game player.


The 18th hole is a fantastic way to finish, another elevated tee box looks over the shortest par 4 on the course but short doesn’t mean easy, it has its dangers. No bunkers on this one but you must first thread your tee shot between trees left and right, crossing the valley to a narrow uphill fairway. If you’re prone to slice or anything that leaks right be careful, it’s out of bounds all down one side of the fairway. A good drive leave you with a short uphill wedge short into the green, but don’t be long, the patio for the club house sits just behind green so with only the a few yards of shrubbery before a penalty awaits you make sure the ball sticks. You can walk off here with a birdie and that’s a fantastic way to finish a wonderful course.


No matter how good a course you play a visitors experience can always be undone if the atmosphere in the club house isn’t warming. You won’t find that problem here, both out on the course and in the clubhouse Leamington’s members are some of the nicest and most welcoming golfers you will meet. Everyone at the club is pulling in the same direction, the course, its management and its membership really do make the club one of the finest in Warwickshire.

This place is a hidden gem.

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