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unnamedThis is aimed at the hard-core golfer, offering everything from yardages, pin positions and hole flyovers, the latest golf news, access to an online data base of tips and lessons as well as a number of feeds to the latest golf tours.

However to access all of the functionality on the app you have to subscribe the apps premium Pro service, it’s not a huge amount, £1.20 for a month or £6.02 for the year.


The app offers the user a vast of amount of information for each course, you can drag the aiming reticule to any point on the hole for a distance to the pin or from your position to any set point. A pre hole flyover also shows you the different ways to play the hole, the big hitters and the cautious players are catered for. At any point during the hole this information is easily access via the quick menu system.

Golfshot claims to have 40,000 courses in its database worldwide, which places in the top few percent of the apps that offer GPS tracking.

Golfshot showed solid mapping accuracy – in our test rounds on a variety of courses, we found the distances displayed by Golfshot to stay within 3 yards of those displayed by marked tee boxes and sprinkler heads.


Golfshot provides standard inputs for scoring (score and number of putts), along with the ability to enter the club used off the tee, the location of the drive (fairway, or miss left/right), the number of sand shots, and the number of penalty strokes. Scoring is available for up to eight players and rounds can be sent to playing partners via the share system after the round is complete.

If you use Golfshot regularly throughout the round and don’t power down, you can burn through a full charge in the course of a five-hour round. If you lock the phone when not in use, you can constrain battery usage to under 50% during play.

For a paid for app it doesn’t offer a huge amount more accuracy than some of it’s free competitors. The premium package does allow you get a USGA handicap and to access you a vast amount of information on how to improve your game as well as the sports latest news.


There is value you to having all of this in one place but the ability to browse the internet of any number of YouTube channels for free advice can make some of these features a little defunct.

  • No. of courses worldwide 4/5
  • Price 3/5
  • Ease of use 4/5
  • Aesthetics 4.5/5
  • Yardages and distances 4/5
  • Battery consumption 3/5

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