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No excuses to land in the hazzards!



We had the pleasure of testing the WT5 whilst playing in Mallorca, the two main reasons for testing the watch outside of the UK was a) to ensure we had some nice weather and b) to see how the accurate the course mapping was whilst playing courses abroad.

The WT-5 did not disappoint, the moment we turned the device on it immediately located the satellites and prompted us to the first tee. The watch has an extremely easy and clear face to read. The main yardage (to the centre of the green) is displayed in bold with the yardage to the front and rear of the greens clearly displayed underneath. Now that’s not much different to many watches out there but the LCD display also performed extremely well in bright sunlight, meaning just a quick glimpse at the watch would do rather than having to cup ones hand over the face to interpret the readings.


The WT-5 uses the same menu functionality as its predecessor, but this time with the aid of the menu buttons on the side of the watch it is much easier to navigate through the available options. Not only does the watch provide the distances to the green but also to all the hazards on the course, and when we say “all” we mean all. The WT5 showed us bunkers, water hazards, ravines, foliage and although we were lucky enough not to have any on our course it even shows caves systems as hazards.

The yardages are spot on. We compared the WT5 to the on course buggies which uses high end and exact GPS software to guide buggies around the course, another high performing golf GPS brand and a laser range finder. It was on the money every time, but most importantly it was precise from the golfer’s angle of approach – which is not always the case with other devices.


Another nice feature to the watch is the shot measurement system, with a couple of taps on a button you can take your shot, then walk on to your ball to be given the exact yardage of your strike.  You can also use the watch as a score card, it’s a little fiddly at first but once you have a couple of holes in the bag you can have your score entered before you have even left the green. If you also have the information on where the pin placements are located before your round the WT5 can be set to 9 different positions for each green allowing you to really dial in with your short game.


The WT5 comes in two colour variations, white and black. They both look smart and sport splashes of colour to ensure they look good both on and off the course. The watch is light and comfortable to wear whilst playing most sports and to cope with daily life and with its 35 day battery life in watch mode it will not need to be constantly connected to your laptop to charge.

The WT4 was a great GPS watch and it successor is even better. The WT5 precise yardages, functionality and looks makes it one of the best GPS watches we have ever tested and at a cost of £160 (£20 cheaper than its predecessor) offers fantastic value for money.

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  1. Mike

    Got a Golfbuddy WT5 6 months ago and am really pleased with it until..
    Half way through a round i noticed a crack on the plastic face. I guess i must have knocked it but honestly i didn’t notice. My gripe is not that it is cracked – i accept i must have knocked it- but the fact that golfbuddy are not interested/able to repair it. It is only a piece of plastic! They have offered me a replacement at £130 but as the watch still works and i only paid £135 for it 6 months ago i am not impressed. Not offering minor repairs is surely a deliberate policy to ‘make’ customers continually buy new and expensive kit. When my WT5 finally stops working (perhaps when water gets in through the cracked face) i shall not be purchasing another golfbuddy product.


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