REVIEW: Golfbuddy BB5 GPS wrist band

Perfect if you don’t like tan lines!


The new BB5 has come at the perfect time when the smart band is the “in thing” when the world of technology and fashion cross over.

“The global rise of the fitness band has firmly established ‘wearable tech’ and the launch of the BB5 positions GolfBuddy once again at the forefront of bringing the latest mainstream consumer trends to golf,” said GolfBuddy’s John Ennis.
Mr Ennis is correct. The BB5 has positioned Golf Buddy as a brand at the forefront of the GPS market by ensuring that they not only encompass pin point measuring technology but by are recognising that golfers like to look good.

We had the BB5 on test in Mallorca for our July Travel feature and one of the things that we were thankful of was its slim size! Unlike some of the other bulky watches out on the market the BB5 not only looked smart, it was readable in direct sunlight and in 37 degree heat kept the tan lines to a minimum!


But we don’t just wear the tech to look cool on the course, does it do the job? Yes.

You have to remember when thinking about the BB5 that this is not an all singing all dancing GPS device, it’s a slimmed down wrist band measuring device. It does exactly that, and very well The BB5 delivers outstanding distance measuring accuracy to the front, middle and back of over 500,000 greens on over 37,000 golf courses worldwide. In comparison to the other GPS devices we tested during our trip and the on course buggy GPS system the BB5 was spot on.­

The device can also act as a watch, in this mode the battery will last 20 days before you need to plug it in to the laptop to charge, in its GPS mode it will run for 13 hours, enough for your 36 hole society day. Although we didn’t get a chance to test it the BB5 is IP65 certified, so should be fine in the rain and the British summer time!


The BB5 is easy to use, up and down arrows on the side allow you to flick through the front, back and centre yardages and the other button takes you to the watch and pedometer mode, the latter of the two can run continuously in the back ground of your round without harming the battery.

The only real downside that we found to the devices set up is that you can be caught out on the distances if you check the yardage then move, the BB5 doesn’t track your yardage (move up or down) as you move, you need to hit the button every time you want a new reading. This is only a minor issue and easily rectified by remembering this as part of your pre shot routine.


The BB5 retails at £199.00, so it’s not the cheapest GPS device on the market. There are many other GPS watches (with scorecard tech and yardages to hazards) that retail for less but if you’re looking for quick and easy access to your yardages whilst looking good in an array of colours, then this really is a cracking little device and worth looking at.

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