The Game Golf app is the baby brother of its extremely impressive paid for system. We couldn’t fault the system with the £150 price tag, its desktop visuals and in depth analysis of player’s game have been enough to entice Tour players to use it in their practice round at major events. The good news is that this app allows you us the same interface (although with less features) making the system a fantastic product.


For what is a fairly new product it is already a very stable and intuitive platform. The on screen displays are easy to use and navigate through, a simple menu system allows a user to start a round at the tap of a button, the app gives you a list of courses in the area with the nearest displayed first, select this and it takes you to the first hole where it displays an ariel view with yardages to and from the pin.

Like the other apps in our tests it allows you to drill down into your game as much as you want to, it has required fields such stokes, putts to be in filled in but if you want to add other statistics including club selection, penalties etc. you can edit these at the end of each hole


It currently has over 36,000 courses mapped, which is amazing considering it’s still a fairly new product on the market. The app doesn’t automatically detail the distance to the hazards, only the pin, however the reticule can be taken to any point where it details the yardage to that point. The yardages are once again extremely good for a free piece of software, usually within +/- 3 yards.


The system has an offline mode that it naturally reverts to if the screen hasn’t been touched after a short period of time, this means you have plenty of battery life left at the end of your round so you can sit in the club house and Google video golf tips.

GAME GOLF already has strategic partnerships with the Golf Channel, The PGA of America and British PGA, It is in use in 104 countries it’s an all-round golfers app that offers the user a host of information to analyse and examine, if however you just want a quick, easy and accurate system to use then you don’t need to look much further.

  • No. of courses worldwide 4/5
  • Price 5/5
  • Ease of use 4/5
  • Aesthetics 4.5/5
  • Yardages and distances 4/5
  • Battery consumption 3/5

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