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When Golf Can’t Wait on the Weather

galvin green-yorucaddyindependantImagine planning a golf trip for 3 months, going over every detail, every round, getting all your buddies together from around the country  and then the weather forecast takes an unexpected turn for the worse; 100% chance of rain.  Unless there is lightning or rain of epic amounts, your crew “will” be playing golf at the scheduled tee-time, there’s no chance of cancelling so you will need your wet weather gear, and not just any ol’ windbreaker is going to cut it, you want to enjoy your round even when it’s sopping wet.  When your golf can’t wait on the weather, trust Galvin Green to keep you dry, warm and comfortable no matter the rain (or hail) you may encounter.

My recent trip to Bandon Dunes was basically as described above.  We had great weather except for one round when the rain (along with some hail) blew in off the ocean.  I didn’t fear the weather, I had my Galvin Green packed in my bag. It was quickly donned and I was able to keep on playing, not even missing a shot.

So let’s talk about the Galvin Green Arrow Jacket.  It is made of Gore-Tex which is known to be the best waterproof yet breathable material to make a coat out of.  They offer 5 colours, I went with the bright red coat as it matches the school colours of the high school team I coach. It fits perfectly, although if you have layers to contend with It does have some nice adjustment straps on the sides of the coat to dial in a more precise fit.

galvin green arrow-yourcaddy

It also has velcro by the wrists to snug those up too during the rain.  The full zipper is seam sealed so you don’t have to worry about rain getting in the front.  The only odd thing about the coat is the lack of side pockets.  It has one bigger pocket that is on your back and accessible from your right side, but I did reach for a side pocket a number of times.  From a playing standpoint I can see why, pockets can get in the way of your swing, especially if you leave them open.  The bottom of the coat has a cinch strap if you want to keep it tighter around your waist.

The Galvin Green Alf Pants match the coat perfectly.  They too are made of Gore-Tex Material and keep rain away from your lower extremities.  I actually wore these even when it wasn’t raining because they were so comfortable, they have shorts, regulars and longs in lengths so I was able to get them in size short which I think is really important for rain pants.  If they are dragging on the ground collecting water, it is bound to end up on your socks and ankles.  They have a cinch cord for sizing at the waist, but it is in the back instead of the front.  Again while this may not be normal, it is so much more comfortable, especially while golfing.

There is a reason the European Ryder Cup team has chosen Galvin Green to make their outwear, it really is the best on the market.  It is an investment in your game.  If you play in competitions that don’t get cancelled for rain or if you are on a trip that you just can’t miss your tee-time, Galvin Green rain gear is a must have in the bag.  It is comfortable, allows you to swing normally, keeps you completely dry and fits very well.  Because sometimes Golf can’t wait on the weather.


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