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king-ltd-driver-1Car manufacturers, drinks companies, confectionery brands, software developers have all done it, at one point in their companies lifetime they have gone full circle and brought back a brand or product from a previous generation. It’s now golfs turn.

We have seen Callaway bring back the Big Bertha with great success, now it’s time for the Cobra King to return to the tee box, this time with a futuristic twist.
Cobra make good drivers, and the King used to be in the hands of greats such as Greg Norman and in his earlier days Tiger Woods, now multiple Tour winner and probably future Major winner Ricky Fowler has picked up the King Cobra for his 2016 season but why leave the Fly-Z?

Cobra say it is because they have created a premium driver that is the longest and straightest they have made so far. The price is high end too, so what do you get for your money?
Er…Less! This isnt because the marketing department at Cobra are having us on, it’s because they have teamed up with scientists from the international space station to research and implement the best technology and materials to reduce weight without losing strength.


zero cgThe Cobra King LTD is their first driver to align the Centre of Gravity (CG) with the neutral axis of the driver head. This is a line from the centre of the face to the back of the head and the optimum CG placement is as far back on this line as possible.

Cobra are calling this the Zero Gravity CG position, to get to this Zero Gravity position the crown head weight has been reduced by 20% using a material called Textreme a type of Carbon Fibre much lighter than others in its family, this is then moved to the outer reaches of the head to make it more forgiving.

Continuing with the futuristic space them the techies at Cobra introduced the Space Port, a 16g aerospace-grade aluminium dual-purpose weight and translucent port, users can actually view inside the club head and for the first time witness all the technology inside the club they have purchased. You can see where the designers have used the difference in face thicknesses at different points on the clubface to create their ultra-forgiving driver.


The space port isnt just a fancy marketing gimmick, there is a scientific reason behind the see through window, utilising an open gap in the sole with a screw thread on the edge means Cobra doesn’t have to add more material to create a housing where the weight screws in. This helps to create an ultra-low CG position that helps players receive faster ball speeds, lower spin and higher launch angles.

The look of the King is one of stealth and the sounds that accompanies that design ethos too, it’s one of the slickest sounding drivers off the recent releases. There is no “Boom” when the face strikes the ball a solid “thunk” is delivered, a sound of scientific precision as the very fast E9 face provides a rewarding feel.


Although an incredibly light club the King doesn’t feel flimsy thanks to the 60g Aldila Rogue Black 95 MSI shaft, which has a softer tip section to raise the launch a little.

As standard the King LTD comes in one head and as usual the aesthetics from Cobra a superb if yet a little less colourful than previous models, the stealth black designed head has a very subtle checkerboard pattern, this coupled with the SpacePort provides a look unlike anything else in the market.

Using the MyFly hosel you can adjust that head from 9° to 12° through five positions and plus three draw settings too, so that enables you to tweak the launch angle. If you need a lower spinning version, the King LTD Pro driver has a smaller head and covers the same loft range, but starts at 7° and goes up to 10°.

It may be easy for you to think you can dismiss this product as one that is all features and tech without delivering any real improvement on your driving, well you would be wrong. On the range and backed up by our flightscope monitor the King provided good numbers – spin rate, launch angel and club speed were all up on the previous Fly-Z model and 85% of our drives were 6+ yards longer.


The Cobra King Ltd is priced at £349, is it worth it? Yes.

The Fly-Z performed pretty well last season, it’s an improvement on its predecessor and with extra length, a more forgiving face and impressive numbers it’s a justified price tag from a brand that is putting serious effort in to becoming leaders in the driver market.

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