REVIEW: Cobra King F6 Irons

Cobra King F6 Irons-back-YourcaddyindependantThe Cobra brand is one of coolest marques on the market within the golf industry, it already has a great ambassador in Ricky Fowler and now the “scientist” of golf and the new sensation Bryson DeChambeau has joined its ranks, but what made him choose the Puma Cobra brand? Well in 2016 they have brought out some seriously cool golf equipment.  Most of the equipment that’s grabbed the attention has been geared toward the player’s side of the market, and DeChambeau who enjoys the physics of golf was impressed with what he saw.

As with most sports that have an elite and social side the technology used by the professionals does filter down to the lower ranks, and the game improvement side of Cobra should certainly should not be ignored.  The Cobra King F6 irons are designed to have ultimate forgiveness, precision, better feel, and distance through the use of progressive construction techniques throughout the set.


The manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that golfers don’t want to look like high handicappers when they are stood outside the club house or driving range. Now although we will all get found out when people see our swing, the looks of game improvement irons have really changed to camouflage this type of set, and the Cobra King F6 irons are no exception.

Cobra F6-7i-Toe-Cut-copy-yourcaddy

This has become especially true because of the popularised concepts of progressive sets where the longer irons have more offset, thicker soles, and more forgiveness, and the shorter irons have less offset and look closer to a traditional iron.  For instance across the mid irons in the Cobra King F6 irons the top line is a bit thicker, but if you look at the sole, offset, and cavity you’ll find they’re much more modest than typical game improvement irons.

You’re not going to be able to stand on the tee and have your medal partners think you’re playing blades, but you will find them to be more in line with a moderate cavity back than a typical game improvement iron.



A lot of game improvement irons have a very metallic twang to them on impact and you would expect these to as well considering that the F6 irons have hollow heads with face inserts in them throughout the range. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find this wasn’t the case with the new set from Cobra.  These clubs fall more in line with a traditional thwack, which helps when trying to identify where off centre hits come from, for players looking for a game improvement iron with more traditional sound, the F6 irons should be a good option to consider.


A lot of game improvement irons make every shot feel like it was played like it should have been, leaving little feedback to help you identify your short comings, but with the King F6 irons the face feels solid on well-struck shots and has response on mishit shots, so you still get accurate feedback from the club face.  It’s hard to improve on your game when every strike has the same exact feeling.

When the set was struck well the Cobra King F6 irons feel very solid, this results in high and long shots. This set plays a little stronger than others in the same bracket, the 6 iron is 4º stronger than our comparison set but it travelled around the same distance.  The biggest difference is the height of the ball flight, for players looking for the advantages of game improvement irons, the King F6’s high ball flight will be beneficial and still provide good yardage.

Cobra -F6-7i-Face-yourcaddyFlightscope X2 Launch Monitor Cobra Fly-Z+ Irons – 8-iron

  • Spin: 7017 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 28.1*
  • Dispersion: 3.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 86.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 109.1 mph
  • Total Distance: 2 yds
  • Carry Distance: 5 yds


No set of clubs will make you a better golfer overnight but clubs like these do make it easier for you to enjoy the game and understand how to improve. The F6 irons give you a good output from poor input, we found that off-centre shots still popped into the air and fought for as many yards as possible rather than shooting off any old direction.  The King F6 is definitely a forgiving iron.

Cobra Golf has certainly raised their game in the elite equipment arena, and the Cobra King F6 irons are proof that the brand is looking to elevate their game improvement side, too.  Rather than just produce a set of bats with shallower angles to give you more distance, and a bit more meat around them to get the ball up, Cobra made a point to make sure their game improvement F6 irons were forgiving, had strong distance, but most importantly, had some of the most responsive feel you’ll find in a game improvement iron.

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