REVIEW: Cobra Fly-Z+ Irons

Tweaks to one of Cobra’s great designs by @igolfreviews1422915995

1-bf6e0cfa80Creating a new iron design every year can’t be easy.  We know there are different designs and different technologies for irons, but when you create a great design, why depart to far from it?  Cobra’s Fly-Z+ irons are very similar to the Amp Forged irons, Cobra have made just a couple tweaks to produce this incredible design for 2015.

The similarity is the forged pocket cavity head.  If you look at them side by side, it’s almost an identical profile. This time it has a big bar across the lower back of the club, with some dampening polymer inserted into it and once again the radius sole is similar, just a smidge narrower.  This season the colour is toned down, no bright orange on the Fly-Z+ irons, perhaps to stay clear of a style fight with Nike and their volt colourings.


On the course the Fly-Z+’s are still very forgiving and easy to hit due to the lack offset for these players cavity backs.  Looking at the launch data we have it seems these are about a half club longer than other irons in their range, an average of 5 yards longer, which like the previous year is almost identical to the AMP forged irons performance.  They both use the highly rated KBS Tour S+ iron shafts, they feel a little tighter and hit a little lower than the standard versions giving players more feel with every swing.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

Cobra Fly-Z+ Irons – 8-iron

  • Spin: 7017 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 28.1*
  • Dispersion: 3.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 86.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 109.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  158.2 yds
  • Carry Distance:  155.7 yds

The clubs have hidden tungsten weighting in the sole, Cobra state that each club has different weight and placement to create better MOI and more solid consistent off-centre hits. We couldn’t tell any difference between where the clubs were weighted in terms of height, this isn’t a bad thing, not noticing seem to give our group more consistency through the bag.

The feel seemed pretty uniform within the entire set, even with different pockets and weights, each pocket is filled with a polymer of sorts which too helps in vibration dampening. This coupled with  the forged heads gives a great feel at impact.  There is a soft crisp sensation as the ball comes off the face.  These rank up there with some of the best feeling irons you can put in your bag.


The Cobra Fly-Z+ irons are able to fit a wide range of golfers.  Lower handicap players will like the feel, looks and forgiveness, while higher handicap golfers will appreciate the distance, forgiveness and ability to improve their game yet not needing to buy new irons every season.

Sure it is more like a little tweak than whole new design, but as the saying goes… If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it.

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