Review: Cobra Fly-Z Driver

 The Fly-Z Smashes It.


There are lots of different words used to describe what a golf club does to the ball at impact.  One that came to mind with the new Cobra Fly-Z is that it “Smashes” it.  The great feel at impact is certainly part of the equation, but one detail sometimes overlooked is “smash factor”.  This the energy from the club head transferred to the ball, the formula to determine this is ball speed divided by club speed, a perfect smash factor is 1.50.  Every golfer across the world wishes he/she clubs would deliver 1.50 with every strike, but in the real world most clubs do not.  Some of this has to do with where the contact at impact is and other times it has to do with the “hotness” and workability of the ball off the face. I had the highest average “smash factor” I’ve ever recorded with the Fly-Z, our FlightScope Monitor recorded it at 1.49.

The Cobra Fly-Z driver follows many of the same colours and looks to the Bio Cell and Amp Cell driver with similar colour options, adjustable hosel, E-9 Face, and 460cc forgiveness.  While previous versions of the Cobra drivers have been very good, there are couple new additions that make this driver even better.


I’ll start with the face, because this really seems to be the source of the high smash factor.  It is still the E-9 face they’ve been using for the last 4 years or so, but the additional Speed Channel creates a trench around the outskirts of the hitting surface making it thinner near the perimeter and thus getting higher ball speeds on off-centre hits.  Cobra is on to something here because the numbers don’t lie, this face smashes the ball no matter where impact is made.


The lower and further back weight plate also generates higher ball flight and forgiveness. They were able to put more weight towards the rear because of reduction in the crown. I was getting really great results on course with the Fly-Z.  It was in play during my trip to Hawaii and “oh man” not only was it forgiving it was long.  A couple of the holes we played demanded long carries, yet accuracy, I found it easy to get the ball landing the dead centre of the fairway with each drive. I hit the ball really straight with the Fly-Z, in fact, at times too straight and I ended up running through a couple of long dogleg fairways.  The back weight really seems to smash right through the ball; it feels like the energy transfer from back through to the front really works at impact.



The only real issue I had was spin, it was a little more than ideal for me.  I think this driver is going to be a great fit for the masses because of how forgiving and hot the face is, but for the ball spinners like myself, the Fly-Z+ is probably what we want to look into.  With that said, it wasn’t high spin, on-course I didn’t have balloon balls of movement right or left, it just left a few yards of roll out on the table.


The Matrix VLCT Sp Shaft was a real surprise because typically back-weighted shafts and I don’t get along, but this one felt really stable and smooth.  It kind of reminded me of the X-con line in terms of feel, which is good.  The club came in at D4 so it is a heavier head which the back-weighting helps to create a good balance.


Cobra did it again with the new Fly-Z driver, a forgiving, great feeling, excellent performing club with improvements over the previous model.  It’s not going to add 20 yards to your drives, but you should see more consistent drives in terms of distance and direction which really is key to better golf.  Cobra “smashes it” with the new Fly-Z Driver.

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