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Wedges are so much more than they used to be. Finishes, Grinds, Stamping, Lofts, Grooves, and CG are now common terms that the golfers needs to decipher when making a wedge purchase. Some wedges are offered in so many options it can be difficult to make a choice. Additionally the costs of a set of wedges can cost as much as a set of irons. Bombtech offers a clean and simple wedge at a good price that spins the ball nicely.

Bombtech began as a driver company. Their dual pocket designs have worked well for numerous golfers. The next natural progression was fairway woods and hybrids. Since those successes they’ve added putters and now wedges. The Grenade wedge doesn’t have dual pockets or anything really as far as tech goes. It is a simple, straight forward clean looking wedge. There is a Grenade logo on the back of the toe and the loft on the sole. The polished chrome is very clean looking. The CNC milled face has a nice dull look in contrast to the chrome body. The grind is a simple “light” C-grind as they call it.


Bombtech sent me a 52* wedge to try. While it doesn’t exactly fit into my bag gaps, I did put it into play this fall. I typically would play a 50* or 54*. I played this between my PW and 58*. I used it to fill the yardage gap and for low running chips. It felt very comfortable on full shots at 100 yards. I also spent a lot of time around the practice green hitting low runners. Both shots I found good control and nice spin. They didn’t suck back off the green, nor did the roll off the other side. I felt like I was in control of what the ball was doing, which is pretty much key to any wedge.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor
Bombtech Grenade 52* Wedge1-c4daf85a51

  • Spin: 8221 rpms
    Launch Angle: 48.4*
    Dispersion: 3.6 yds
    Club Head Speed: 80.6 mph
    Ball Speed: 81.3 mph
    Total Distance: 100.7 yds
    Carry Distance: 97.2 yds

The Bombtech Grenade wedges offer a very clean look. They have a simple one grind/finish offering and they spin the ball nicely. The final bonus is that they are very reasonably priced. They are almost half of what other wedges sell for. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles out there on the your wedges and are just looking for a good priced and good performing wedge, check out the Bombtech Grenade wedges.

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