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98% of you reading this won’t know who the hell these guys are, 99% will have never seen their equipment and 100% of you will have never seen them on the TV, they don’t have a big name on the box pushing their products and they have never won a Tour event but Bombtech golf are a serious outfit with a genuinely good product. In fact they are so confident in what they have brought to the market they have slapped this message on the homepage of their website

“Guaranteed to outperform your current driver” If you don’t like it you can get your money back.

We spoke with Sully the owner of Bombtech golf before we took to the course to “pull the pin” on the Grenade.

Q. Who are Bombtech golf and why did it come to life?

I played golf in high school and had a few good days on the links. I was an individual state qualifier and finished 7th in the state championship. I founded the company in 2011 after personal frustrations with a local club builder. After my 7th broken driver in 2 months. I threw my hands in the air and said that is enough. At the exact moment I started custom building golf clubs and more specifically drivers.

Q. What sets Bombtech apart from the major manufactures, if the product is that good why haven’t we seen them on a bigger stage?

Our USP is that is club is built with Pure Engineering at the heart, every club is custom built by hand and they are shipped direct to the customer. NO MARKETING. Paying a pro won’t make the golf clubs perform any better. All it would do is increase the price of our golf clubs, and no one wants that! We have many teaching pros and mini tour players that play our custom golf clubs because they work for their specific game.


Q. What is the tech behind the Grenade?

The first innovative driver we created was designed with the University of Vermont, the Dual Cavity system offers a drag reduction of 48% which allows the club to be squarer at impact due to the air flow. More weight is behind the sweet spot of the club making the face hotter and the center of gravity is positioned at true center.

Q. So there are no weights, no adjustable setting for the loft?

Nope.Wrenches, screws and weights are making the game too complicated. The majority of golfer’s should find a golf driver that fits their game and then they should practice!


Q. Why the name Bombtech?

“Bomb” – Hitting it as long as possible. What we all try to do.

“Tech” – Develop innovative technology that will allow our golfers to play their best. With NO MARKETING influence.

“Golf” – An attempt to hit a tiny white ball as few times as possible and place it in a hole that is way too small.

After speaking with Sully at length we were left in no doubt that he has confidence in what this driver can do and the factory stats backed it up but it’s out on the course where it needs to the job so we swapped this out for the drivers in our bags and put it through its paces.

The first thing you noticed about this club is although it doesn’t have all the sculpted lines and gloss paintwork that major manufactures apply to their drivers the Grenade certainly sticks out. Its luminous green shaft looks great against the matt black of the head and the bright green detailing on the sole catches the eye on its swing path. It makes you feel Bubba “esc” when you stand on the 1st tee.

The second thing that you notice about the club is the sound it makes at impact, with a good contact you could have a Hollywood sound crew walking around with you applying a definite thick metal bang as the ball comes of the face.


So it looks the part and sounds good but what about the statement… “Guaranteed to outperform your current driver” It’s long and not just by a few yards, we picked up an average of 11 yards off the tee. The regular shaft was a little too flexible for most of us, the bend applied a little bit of fade to our shots so with a stiffer shaft in play we could have probably stolen a few more feet. The club feels good through the swing, the weight and position of it center of gravity make the club feel neutral throughout your plane and the dual cavity does seem to offer less drag considering the head is not the lightest on the market.

The Bombtech Grenade driver is a 460cc driver, the max cubic centimeters allowed by the governing bodies of golf. So there is plenty of room on the face allowing more room for the club to be forgiving on the off center hits. You don’t lose masses of distance either with a poorly stuck shot although the sound will immediately let you and others around you know that it wasn’t your best. Although the whole point of the Bombtech Grenade is its pure engineering approach it does lack in the adjustability department. Now we are not saying that we want to be able to adjust the club once we owned it but a selection of lofts at purchase would certainly help to really make fully customised club.

There are a huge number of drivers currently on the market with many different marketing angles, some offer the ability to adjust your loft, some offer the ability to add draw or fade, and some give you the ability to shift the weight from front to back. If you are looking for a club that is set up and consistent with your swing then the Grenade could be the club for you. If you practice with this driver and have it fit for your game then it certainly can add length compared to your current selection.


During our test it undeniably added yards to our round because we know and understand the game we play. It’s simple, it’s efficient and it’s in expensive to get in your bag. So if you are at the point where your swing is your own and you know what you want then any company that is willing to give you a money back guarantee is worth looking at.

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