REVIEW: Big Max Auto FF Trolley

Bigmax1It isn’t quite as “automatic” as the name might pose but it isn’t far off. The product title suggests that with a push of a button this new trolley from Big Max will simply and “automatically” fold itself down and pack its self in the boot of your car. It doesn’t… but it’s not far off.

Big Max isn’t a huge name in the trolley market in the UK but it should be with products like this, in the rest of Europe and the US it’s a household name, so does, and will its latest offering propel the brand to the forefront of your “next to buy list”? It should do and here’s why…

The “FF” in the Big Max Autofold range stands for fold flat, and at only 12.5cm deep when compact it easily fits in the boot of a small hatch back. You may think “so what, big deal” but when you see the size of the product fully extended and carrying even the biggest of tour bags, it really is quite impressive.

The trolley is really easy to use straight out of the box, the wheels are on quick release catches and are attached within seconds, after that there are 3 simple moves to get the trolley ready for use.

  1. Unlatch the plastic coupling that keeps the frame together whilst in storage or transit and pull down on the frame near the front wheel. With this movement the rear wheels fold out, perfectly aligned, and ready to go.
  2. Lift the handle up to your desired height
  3. Fix in place with a small catch.

Job done. The trolley will hold any type of bag thanks to its hinged brackets, so you can just fling your bag on, wrap the elasticated bands around the top and bottom and push away. Unlike a lot of trolleys, every type of bag stays in place on the Autofold FF, there’s no frustration in having to re adjust your stand bag back into position every five minutes.

Atop of the handle sits a generous net pocket (protected by a plastic lid) that is big enough to hold all of your accessories, the largest of smart phones, a water bottle and a sleeve of balls, and just so they don’t all get entangled there are some neat little Velcro pockets on the lining to separate it all.


The frame on the trolley is extremely light yet strong, this allows it to be easily lifted in and out of the car, or to hoist up on to the garage shelf for storage. This lightweight frame paired with the smooth bearings within the wheels means it’s also easy to push, a simple shove on the handle will propel the trolley forward for a good 20ft before it slows to a steady stop. When you’re on an uneasy lie (as some of us golfers often are) a footbrake can be quickly applied.

The key USP’s to this trolley are its ease of use and its size. We’ve had few trolleys to test so far this year, and the new offering from Big Max is the only trolley that has been able to fit in the smallest of car boots along with a full set of golf clubs. So if you are looking to lose the over the shoulder look but didn’t think you had the room to store or transport one then this is for you.

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